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Our systems

Our so-called superheroes bring the latest automation and innovations to your laboratory in a timely manner and make your everyday life easier with the latest technologies.

The Molecular Mouse® System is a multiplex real-time PCR instrument intended for professional clinical laboratory users for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) procedures and operates with IVD Molecular Mouse® cartridges. These cartridges contain specific reagents for the detection of multiple target nucleic acid sequences.
The timely results make a significant contribution to enabling necessary, early decisions in emergency medicine and at the point of care, thus initiating adequate antibiotic therapy for patients with bloodstream infections and monitoring its success.


akiron® NEO is a fully automated, AI-based, standardized imaging and data processing device for immunofluorescence tests used in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.
As an easy-to-use imager that delivers high-quality results in a short time, akiron®NEO proves its worth every day in the laboratory. Its small footprint makes it an ideal solution for diagnostic laboratories with limited space. Applications of akiron® NEO can be found in the field of immunology, particularly in routine tests to detect autoantibodies such as HEp-2 cells (ANA) and granulocytes (ANCA). Tissue can also be analyzed.

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The IdOne is a system for identifying microorganisms from solid cultures. A very small amount of sample is required for identification. The IdOne analyses the microorganism spectrum using ATR-FTIR technology.

Each species produces a unique, fingerprint-like IR spectrum. The results are reported as a microorganism identification together with a score that compares the reliability of the identification with known spectra of species in the reference database. The database is continuously being expanded and includes the most common microorganisms with medical relevance.

The identification process takes 1 minute and does not require any reagents. The IdOne ID system consists of an all-in-one computer and the ALIFAX ATR-FTIR device. The IdOne software analyzes the spectral data and provides results in real time based on the database.

DotDiver2.0 is a compact benchtop immunoblot analyzer for the fully automated processing and evaluation of LINE and dot immunoblots to support the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.

Barcoded DotDiver2.0 test strips and cartridges ensure the correct combination of reagents and quality-assured processing of a wide range of immunoblots for rheumatology and gastroenterology in routine laboratory work. Ready-to-use DotDiver2.0 reagents in prefilled disposable cartridges minimize the time required after manual sample application.

The user-friendly DotDiver2.0 software guarantees reliable evaluation of the processed immunoblot test strips. The powerful, easy-to-use DotDiver2.0 with its small footprint is indispensable for routine diagnostic services.


Stabilized amplification technology

STAT-NAT® is a patented technology that
and contains a new protective compound which
the activity of the enzymes is stabilized over a very long period of time at room temperature.

SENTiNAT® 200 is the bench-sized platform that contains everything you need to perform PCR assays.
Designed to work with the freeze-dried kits STAT-NAT® (STabilized Amplification Technology), based on the
Sentinel's globally patented solution designed to ensure robust assays over a very long period of time at room temperature.
SENTiNAT® 200 is the compact platform that adapts automation to operator control.

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